Money is a very important things in our life.Money makes us rich and poor.If you have more money then you are a rich.And if you have not more money then you are a poor.

Importance of money.

Money makes our life is easy.By the help of money we can buy our essential things like clothes,foods and other essential good’s etc.

Importance of food

Without food we can’t money is very important for our life because without money how we can buy food.

Donate your money.

Every person should donate money if they are able to donate.Because many people on the Earth who have no money for buy their essential needs like food, cloths and other things.So please donate if you are able to donate.


Knowledge is the main power of our life.Without knowledge we are nothing.Knowledge makes us more smart.Without knowledge we can’t do anything in our life.Some people have more knowledge and some people have some knowledge.

How we can get knowledge

We can get knowledge in different ways like 1.we can get knowledge from school.2.And we can also get knowledge from online resources like Google, You Tube etc.